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A Date Based Super Food Company 

Date Me Energy

Our Products

What We Do Different

dates, avocado, coconut, fig, banana, sunflower


gluten free

Gluten Free

dairy free

Dairy Free



Soy Free

Soy Free

compostable packaging & labeling

Compostable packaging & labeling

Plant based packaging


egg free

Egg Free

Our Values

Healthy People

Real Food

Healthy Planet

compostable organic gluten free vegan natural nutrition

Our Packaging


All of our packaging and labeling comes from Elevate. It is vegan, non-GMO, plant-based, biodegradable, compostable and is made of sustainable wood cellulose! We believe in saving humans and the earth and choose to partner with Elevate in voting against toxins, petroleum-based plastics, bisphenol A (and other derivatives), PFAS, and phthalates.

organic good nutrition gluten free

Our Ingredients

We use only organic whole food, plant based ingredients. We believe that real food provides our bodies with the best energy and believe that additives are unneeded and harmful to our health. Eat real food, get real energy. 

rock climbers, runners, walkers, athletic, clean energy, date

Meet the Owners

Date Me Energy was founded out of frustration- a frustration for the lack of clean, healthy, balanced, sustainable and real food energy products. We are a Husband & Wife duo who have a passion for the outdoors. We are avid runners, hikers, and rock climbers, and have a huge passion for health. We needed a real food product that could keep up with our active lifestyle, meet our nutritional needs, and did not sacrifice health and hence Date Me Energy was born. Emily is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Nutrition (MSN) at Bastyr University with an end goal to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Alan is a post-collegiate long distance runner with his Bachelors of Science in BusinessWe collaborated and created our products with a health focused approach to provide us (and now you) with an energy product that is founded on real food and gives you lasting energy. We believe in living a life full of adventure, and are excited to share our products with you and hope that you can enjoy them as much as we do on your next adventure!

Our Retailers

fit bar
river trail roasters
West Seattle Runner
Vibe Yoga Studio

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